Winners Announced – Prizes coming your way soon!


In it’s first year (2016) – only 3 prizes were originally on offer. A group entry was added. Unfortunately, no prizes for 2nd, 3rd and 4th places were on offer in 2016 (this is changing in 2017). Judges nonetheless nominated runners up and so if you didn’t win a cash prize still check out the table of runners up and feedback below.


To see the winning entries and others, click through to the full 2016 playlist here.


Yang Bahasanya Paling Bagus – $100

(The one with the Best Language Use)
ACT Indonesian Teachers’ Network Prize/Canberra Indonesian Teachers’ Association

Jerry dan Jemima dan Kejelekan


Bianca Lanzilli
Eleanor Carter
Julia Erceg
Harry Evans
Velouria Wild
Polly Shaw

Yang Paling Lucu  – $100

(The Funniest)
The Bu Zara Prize

Sosij-Sosij Berbeda Tapi Sama


Jacob Burringa
Adele Cameron-Sheriff
Matthew Daly
William Durham
Neneh Kenny
Lily Mudge
Tiarna Nienaber
Angus Thomas
Ryan Turner
Christopher Birch
Jonathan Daly
Tate Edwards-Young
Jackson Erhart-Bruce
Clem Jordan-Pearse
Bianca Lanzilli
Finn Sanderson
Samuel Sztolc
Isaac Allchurch
Eleanor Carter
Charlie Evans
Zara Kingsbury
Marley Palmer
Velouria Wild
Cassandra Burringa
Julia Erceg
Jeremy Robinson
Polly Shaw

Yang Menunjukkan Budaya Indonesia – $100

(The one that best explores Indonesian Culture)
Balai Bahasa Indonesia ACT Prize

The Life of Islam


Juliette Parsons

Best Group Entry – $100

(The best group entry)
Bu Zara

The Dancing Chickens


Liela Phillips
Aiden Stigwood
Charlotte Stigwood
Tilda Jenkins
Lilly Jenkins
Calli Thompson
Zali Phillips
Pete Kapnistis
Sasha Noske
Chloe Poel



Prize CategoryPrize Judge and Sponsor1st $1002nd3rd4thEqual 4th
BudayaBalai Bahasa Indonesia (ACT)Life of IslamKetut Can’t CookThe Dancing ChickensMy Movie 4 (Saman Dengan Teman)Tur Telopea Park
For its rich cultural content, original script. The excellent acting and editing are plusses.Good cultural content: family affairs, Indonesian-specific clothing, pembantu, mudik Idul Fitri, food, restoran (the kiss in a public place less authentic); also good teamwork, script.Has cultural elements in the traditional (-like?) story, characters, music, dancing, costumes.  It showed good teamwork and was also fun with its post-script of chicken jokes, delivered in Indonesian. The best primary entry.Fun, cute but no cultural information or explanation about where the dance is from (Indonesia?), what it is called, etc, no subtitles - using bahasa Aceh?The guides introduce themselves appropriately, wear Indonesian cloths, and there is laskar pelangi music in the background, however this was the limit of the cultural content.
BahasaACT Indonesian Teachers' Network/CITAJerry dan Jemima dan KejelekanAliens Mau Makan GuruKetut Can’t Cook
‘Draws effectively on wayang tradition.’
‘This is very watchable with a nice theme!’
‘This video shows good delivery of Indonesian language and cultural interaction.'
‘This video has a lovely expression in its tone and presentation.’
‘We loved the use of lively puppets which reflect the significant role of wayang in In'donesian society and culture.'
‘This is a great piece of story on video – very like a sinetron in style and delivery.  The actors put in great effort towards the production of a longer piece.  Well done!’
LucuBu ZaraSosij-sosij berbeda tapi samaMovie Date DisasterThe Green Man and the TigerMahluk Asing
Hilarious and slightly disturbing, especially the tomato sauce scene… but there is a nice underlying message. Creative use of low budget items for a complex idea. Language is used really well for jokes – this is a hard thing to do!This really took me back to my own awkward dating experiences in high school… love it!Excellent use of suspense and funny lines in Indonesian.Great special effects and hilarious build up to frog… needed far more Indonesian language for a first prize.
GroupBu ZaraThe Dancing ChickensKetut Can’t CookAnimal differences
Logistics! Wow! You are an awesome Indonesian machine team at Port Lincoln.Fantastic to see a longer, Indonesian rich piece. Hilarious use of Rhonda and Ketut.So many students involved and speaking Indonesian!