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Entries – 2016 entries will close on the 30th October

Deadline extended – Sunday 13th November


Australian students who study Indonesian can upload a film to YouTube and compete to win one of three prizes.

The Prizes

  1. Yang Bahasanya Paling Bagus (The one with the Best Language Use) – ACT Indonesian Teachers’ Network Prize – $100
  2. Yang Paling Lucu (The Funniest) – The Bu Zara Prize – $100
  3. Yang Menunjukkan Budaya Indonesia (The one that best explores Indonesian Culture) – Balai Bahasa Indonesia ACT Prize – $100


Who can enter?

Your film can be made individually or be a group project involving Australian students in primary school, high school or senior secondary school/Year 11 and 12 (College in the ACT).


Using Indonesian in the Film

Your film will need to be predominately in Indonesian. It must be your own work.


Film QualityInspecting_film_reel


The film quality is not a primary concern for prize consideration; however, the audio and visuals must be clear enough for judges to understand what is happening.


Film Length

There is no maximum or minimum length of film; however, judges may consider the quantity and depth of language used when awarding prizes.



Indonesian or English subtitles are optional and their use is the decision of the participating student/s.


Responsible Use of the Internet

Keep it respectful.

Students and their guardians will have responsibility for the content uploaded on YouTube, including any breach of copyright or inappropriate content. Should a film be inappropriate for any reason the competition organisers will retain the right to ask YouTube to remove the video or disassociate the film from the competition.


How to Upload to Youtube

Please see the promotional Youtube clip for instructions.


Entry Form – Compulsory!

You will need to:

  1. Download this form ABBI – Entry Form
  2. Print the form
  3. Fill in the compulsory fields
  4. Get your parents to sign the form. Sign the form yourself.
  5. Scan and email back to :


Family_PhotoParent Permission

Upload your film to YouTube and submit your form for the competition only when you have clear parental permission to do so.

You (the students) and your guardians (usually your parents or carers) will have sole responsibility for managing the YouTube account you use to upload your film. You may need to use your guardian’s account if you are not old enough to make your own. Advice about disabling comments to prevent trolling and instructions about the options available when uploading a film are available in promotional materials. However, the responsibility for decisions about your YouTube account remain with the student (you) and their (your) guardian.


Future Use of Your Film by ABBI

As a condition of entry, students and their guardians agree to have their film used in future promotional materials for the Australia Bisa Bahasa Indonesia competition. In doing so, organisers of the competition may make some changes to films, such as adding subtitles, editing clips to reduce their length, etc.


Intellectual Property and YouTube terms and conditions


Films will need to be uploaded to YouTube under one of their licensing types, which will need to be decided by the student and their guardian/s. Please read about these licenses at this YouTube information page.



Films must be uploaded and an entry form received before 30th of October in 2016. In the first year, Zara Maxwell-Smith as the competition’s organizer and primary source of ABBI finances will manage the judging process and distribution of prizes. This will hopefully be complete by the end of November in 2016 and prizes should be distributed by the end of the 2016 school year.


Once all entries have been received the nominated person/s (judge/s) from prize-giving organisations will be emailed with a link to all entries and asked to make a decision within one-two weeks. Should the nominated judge/s need assistance, Zara Maxwell-Smith will do her best to assist in the judging process.


The judge/s will be free to decide a winner for their category and will be asked to take into consideration the age/s and year-group/s of the student/s who created the film. The Bu Zara prize will be awarded after the other prizes to attempt to spread the prizes across the age groups of students.


Prizes will be awarded once the parents/guardians of the student have been contacted about their participation in the competition. This will enable organisers to check that student/s details (name, age and school) can be published and will ensure that the transfer of money is completed with the prior knowledge of students’ parents. The school of the student will also be contacted so that the students’ achievements are acknowledged by their peers.