Please spread the word.

Across all sectors and K-12 – there are no exclusions!


Hopefully this competition will:

  • inspire your students’ creativity
  • provide examples of how other students around Australia are learning Indonesian
  • become a teaching resource
  • be a whole lot of fun

Why is it online?

It’s online to avoid the costly overheads of relief, transport and venues that face-to-face competitions usually entail.

Film making at school

UnknownThe Australian Curriculum: Indonesian has a huge emphasis on “Creating” (a whole strand) which this competition fits very nicely with. This strand seems to run all the way through from Kindergarten (ACLINC006 and ACLINC007) to Year 10 (F-10)/Year 10 (Yr 7 entry). It has both a creating element and a responding element (responding to imaginative/creative texts).

The competition should hit both types of learning on the head as students create their own film but also watch their peers and respond to their stories. A lovely cross-curriculum connection that came up in one student’s
film last year was to use a dreamtime animation and narrative-stye. I’m sure there are many more connections ready to be made.

I plan to publish the relevant “units” or “courses” and assessment tasks from my own program here once I have removed my school’s insignia etc from them. This probably won’t happen until later in the year though – sorry (I’ve just had my first child).

In short for now, at my school we have invested in 4 iPads over the last two years and use them to run a round of assessed film-making in both Year 7 and 8. Students book in to use them for part of the lesson and script write/practice while other individuals or groups use them. I envision that students will begin submitting these films in the competition and that the prizes and recognition will drive quality work.

Parental Permission

My plan is to copy students’ films onto USBs for them to take home, have a discussion with their parents about the competition and upload it themselves. This should prevent lengthy negotiations with my school about parental permission and If your school is comfortable with publishing student work online then you may be able to help students upload them yourself.

I will also endeavour to create a parent information note to go home about the competition to cut the workload down for you all and reduce duplication of work.

Expected participation in the competition

This competition will run yearly to encourage Australians to study Indonesian and share their learning.

In its first year it is anticipated that the competition will have limited entries and will be promoted mainly in the ACT through the ACT Indonesian Teachers’ Network. To increase participation, each year a different state/territory in Australia may be targeted for more significant promotion of the competition. That said if you can promote it widely earlier than that I’d be really grateful.

I already have interested parties offering more/larger prizes in the years to come. Please see the note on judging in Competition Rules.

This year the promotional film will be published and promoted in late January and entries will close on the 30th of October.